The Care Coordination Program is our whole team working TOGETHER with Service Members and their loved ones to establish and meet goals of all kinds. From helping you find general resources and referrals in your community, to more complex needs, we work on goals surrounding employment, education, finances, mental health, child and youth, homelessness, living arrangements, deployment related issues, and much more.


We are honored to work with our clients to achieve goals and set everyone up for a successful and fulfilling military service. Our intake line is staffed 24/7 and we will work according to our clients’ unique schedules, no matter how busy. 


Are you looking for…


  1. Deployment Support
  2. Financial Counseling and Education
  3. Health and Wellness Resources
  4. Housing Assistance
  5. Employment Assistance
  6. Youth and Family Resources
  7. Education Assistance
  8. Military or Civilian Resources
  9. Behavioral Health Services


(Limited availability when there are barriers to care, geographical or otherwise)