Personal Financial Counselors (PFC) assist service members and their families to manage their personal finances, resolve financial problems, and reach their financial goals. PFC services include professional, individualized financial planning and consultation services, including assistance with money management, credit and debt management, analysis of assets and liabilities, and establishing and building savings plans.

PFC services are designed to support short and long term financial needs, plans and goals. PFC Program Counselors help service members and their families develop realistic spending plans, reduce debt, save for the future and attain both "wants" and "needs".

​Personal Financial Counselors utilize one-on-one confidential consultations, training classes, workshops, briefings and support to attain pro-active personal money management, reduce money related stress, and achieve financial readiness.

In cases of extreme financial hardship, the Counselor ensures that service members and their families are referred to the appropriate resource for additional assistance.



PFCs provide counseling and educational services to assist Service Members and their Families in maintaining financial readiness now and into the future.  Holistic financial review to include education, training, and counseling for:

  • Sound Personal Money Management Decisions
  • Budget & Spending Plan Development
  • Financial Goal-Setting
  • Credit and Debt management
  • Major Purchases Planning
  • Pre-Deployment Planning
  • Deployment/Post-Deployment Support
  • Tax Planning and related topics
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Consumer Advocacy Services